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hoi to you all

my friend rayquazafurs on furaffinity need help to make his OCs

name: Hygge

the species: Sergal / dragonfly-cyborg 

the  sex: female

the fur coloreds: white

the dragonfly coloreds: grey yellow

the clothes: some loosened clothes and a diaper under her pants

the diaper coloreds: Light blue with lots of different colored dragonfly on

personality: shy and kinda nervous details: she can turn into a dragonfly and back again her right arm and Left leg is a dragonfly's arm and leg all the time she get dragonfly's wings on her back

background story: ???

you can use this Base to the Sergal part…

PS: this Would be great if someone wants to do it for free

Just ask me questions if you need something
From :iconoc1024:


The first fifteen people to comment on this journal, I will put their avatar and the 6 deviations I like the most from their gallery on the list! If you comment, you have to make a journal like this and do the same thing, putting me in the first spot.

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2. :iconblackshax:
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Hey I need someone that can make a model for Gmod

I need a cap for Pony with Rainbow Dash's cutie mark and colors on

the will is great if it can be free but I'm willing to pay for this


by the way, you can get the cap form this here
[DL SFM\GMOD] Capnbubs Tactical Gear for ponies by falloutshararam
Hey all I get a idea to a group

the idea set out to make a group where you can use others OCs in your art, comic etc. without asking them every single time

I think it group should be called OC-to-use or something like that

Of course there must be some rules so it will not be misused

but what do you think guys??


it group is ready now but need som work on this
Check him out he's doing some good SFM art

$5 Commission now open! by Noobmister
$5 Commission now open!
$5 Commission now open!
$5 Commission now open!

someone has stolen a picture that has used his clickbait on a video without asking permission of the person who made the
the artist who made the picture is :iconfurryfox422:
2 hours ago, this ad up that says that it's not just a couple of people Steam is down but for all

so do not worry it would come up again…
Today I have been in and look around in Skype and have found out that there are some people who have used my name

irritating is one of the uses one of my emails to their Skype account name

I just wanted to say this so you know that there is someone out there who are trying to steal my name

If there is anyone out there who can help to remove them are very welcome to help

Untitled Drawing by TGerrorUntitled Drawing by TGerror
he stream games from 70-90 but can stream nows games too

Be sweet and kind to check him out ^_^
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He asked me if I would help him a little
so please go over to his channel and see some of his videos, he's very new in YouTube so be nice to him ^_^…

:iconponygoddess:  Jenn Blake(MLP Comic Artist) has brain cancer. She cannot afford the treatment that could save her life.…

(This Journal post is copied from Uotapo :iconuotapo: and :icondoublewbrothers: )

this is on 

34,192 now but still need 15,808

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